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Translations of Galdós's Work

Here are some of the English translations of Galdós's works. It is not, however, complete. Please send details of any other translations to

El amigo Manso - Our Friend Manso: translated by R. Russell (New York: Columbia University Press, 1987)

Angel Guerra - Angel Guerra: translated by K.O. Austin (Lampeter: Edwin Mellen Press, 1990)

La de Bringas - The Spendthrifts: translated by Gamel Woolsey (London: Readers Union, 1953)
La de Bringas – That Bringas Woman: translated by Catherine Jagoe (London: Everyman, 1996)

La desheredada - The Disinherited: translated by Lester Clark (London: Folio Society, 1976)

Doña Perfecta - Doña Perfecta: translated by Harriet de Onís (New York: Barron's Educational Series Inc., 1960)
Doña Perfecta - Doña Perfecta: translated by Alexander Tulloch (London: Phoenix House, 1999)

La fontana de oro - The Golden Fountain Café: translated by Walter Rubín (Pittsburgh, Pa.: Latin American Literary Review Press, 1989)

Fortunata y Jacinta - Fortunata and Jacinta: translated by Agnes Moncy Gullón (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1985)

La incógnita - The Unknown: translated by K.O. Austin (Lampeter: Edwin Mellen Press, 1991)

Miau - Miau: translated by J M Cohen (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1963)

Misericordia - Compassion: translated by Joan Maclean (New York: American R.D.M. Corporation, 1966)

Nazarín - Nazarín: translated by Jo Labanyi (Oxford; Oxford University Press, 1996)

La sombra - The Shadow: translated by K.O. Austin (Columbus: Ohio University Press, 1980)

Tormento - Torment: translated by J M Cohen (London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1952)
TormentoInferno: translated by Abigail Lee-Six (London: Phoenix House, 1998)

Torquemada en la hogueraTorquemada in the Fire: translated by Nicholas G. Round (Glasgow: Department of English Literature, University of Glasgow, 1985)

The four Torquemada novels - Torquemada: translated by Frances López-Morillas (New York: Columbia University Press, 1986)

Tristana - · there is a translation by Colin Partridge in Tristana: Buñuel's Film and Galdós' Novel: A Case Study (New York: Edwin Mellen, 1995)

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