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The Pérez Galdós Editions Project, although based at Sheffield University, has always aspired to become a focus for ideas and collaboration from beyond that university. Over the past two years we have greatly benefited from the advice of academics in both the UK and Spain. We appreciated comments of those lecturers who replied to our circular letters and hope that they will maintain contact with the Project. In the meantime, we would welcome all advice.


June 2013 (Rhian Davies, conference paper) ‘El mundo del siglo XIX en la obra periodística de Galdós’, X Congreso Galdosiano, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. (See

May 2013 (Rhian Davies, conference paper) ‘Time, Place and Narrative Space in Galdós's Torquemada en la hoguera (1889)’, III Nineteenth-Century Hispanism Symposium, Paris 2013

November 2012 Galdós Lecture (Stephen Roberts)

April 2012 (Rhian Davies, conference paper) ‘Living in the Public Eye: Multiple Identities and Celebrity Status. Benito Pérez Galdós and the fin de siglo Spanish Press’ at the AHGBI conference, University of Stirling

November 2011 Galdós Lecture (Sally Faulkner)

April 2011 (Rhian Davies, conference paper) ‘Writing for a Living: Vocation or Chore? Benito Pérez Galdós’s Career as a Journalist’, at the AHGBI conference, University of Nottingham

March 2010 (Rhian Davies) 'Bridging the gap: 19th Century Literature & 21st Century Students': as part of the ‘Semana Cultural’ series at the University of Bristol.

November 2009 (Rhian Davies) ‘Manuscripts and Multimedia: Analysing 19th-Century Texts’, LLAS Subject Centre event on ‘Textual Analysis’ at the University of Bath

October 2009 (Rhian Davies) 'Unleashing the Creative Spirit: Teaching 19th-century Spanish Literature in the 21st Century', E. Allison Peers symposium: (on 'Research-led Teaching and the Future of the Discipline'), University of Liverpool

June 2009 (Rhian Davies, conference paper) : ‘«La Ciudad Imperial»: Toledo en la obra periodística y novelística de Galdós’, IX Congreso Galdosiano, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

April 2008 (Rhian Davies, seminar paper) 'Civilization and Barbarity in the Torquemada Novels’, University of Sheffield

January 2008 (Rhian Davies) ‘Translations and Interpretations’,
‘Texts in Translations’, Subject Centre Event, Humanities Research Institute, Sheffield

November 2007 Galdós Lecture (Peter Bly)

April 2007 (Rhian Davies) 'Inquiry Based Learning: Learner Drivers in the Grand Prix?...’, CILASS Staff/Student Symposium, University of Sheffield

June 2006 (Rhian Davies) ‘Fathoming the Unfathomable: The Uses of Inquiry-Based Learning in Literature Teaching’, LTEA (CEEBL) conference, Manchester (see

April 2006 (Rhian Davies, conference paper) ‘Death in the Torquemada Novels’. AHGBI conference, Liverpool

October 2005 (Rhian Davies) ‘Teaching Literature with Film’, ‘Routes into reading’ Symposium (organised by the Subject Centre), London (see

In June 2005 Rhian Davies and Nicholas Round gave papers at the Congreso Internacional de Estudios Galdosianos in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.

In May 2005 our electronic edition of Torquemada en la hoguera was published by HriOnline. It can be viewed at (There is also a review of this electronic edition at

The Eighth Annual Pérez Galdós Lecture on 'Cervantes in Galdós' was given by Francisco Caudet in May 2005.

In March 2005 the Project welcomed Dr María Ascensión Andrades Ruiz of the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, who (sponsored by Spain's Ministry of Education), has come to work on 'La recepción de Galdós en el Reino Unido'.

In October 2004 Anna Homan, who was awarded a Project Studentship at the University of Sheffield, began to work on the electronic edition of El doctor Centeno.

The Seventh Annual Pérez Galdós Lecture on '"What is the Stars?" Galdós and the Measures of Mankind" was given by Nicholas Round in May 2004.

The Sixth Annual Pérez Galdós Lecture on 'Galdosian Odysseys' was given by Diane Urey in March 2003.

The Fifth Annual Pérez Galdós Lecture on 'Galdos, our contemporary' was given by James Whiston in November 2002.

On 26 April 2002 Rhian Davies gave a paper on 'Teaching Students How to Read: The Uses of IT in Studying the Novels of Benito Pérez Galdós' at the CILT Symposium on 'Curriculum Innovation', London.

The Third Annual Pérez Galdós Lecture on 'Gifts in the Novels of Galdós' was given by Rodolfo Cardona in May 2001.

In March 2001 Nicholas Round and Rhian Davies attended the 'VII Congreso Internacional Galdosiano' at Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, where they gave a joint paper on 'Los usos de la nueva tecnología según las experiencias del Proyecto Galdós'.

On 12 September Rhian Davies gave a paper on 'Towards the Modern Reader: The Uses of IT in Editing the Novels of Benito Pérez Galdós' at the DRH 2000 Conference (Digital Resources in the Humanities), Sheffield.

On 15 March Rhian Davies gave a paper on 'Galdós, The Editor and The Modern Reader' at the colloquium, 'PhD, MPhil, IT... Research and New Technologies in an Arts Department', which was organised by the Department of Hispanic Studies and held in the Humanities Research Institute of the University of Sheffield.

On 19 November Nicholas Round and Rhian Davies gave a joint paper on November 1999 on 'New Ways of Reading Galdós: From Galdós Studies to the Sheffield Galdós Project' at the 'Colloquium in Memory of John Varey', University of London.

The Sheffield Galdós Seminars were held on Wednesdays from 28 April-19 May 1999. The programme was as follows:

Wednesday 28 April:
PROFESSOR EAMONN RODGERS (University of Strathclyde)
Who Read Galdós? The Economics of Creative Writing in the Nineteenth Century

Wednesday 5 May:
DR JAMES WHISTON (Trinity College, Dublin)
Working with Galdós's 'Lo prohibido' manuscript
DR RHIAN DAVIES (University of Sheffield)
The Manuscript Version of 'Torquemada en la Cruz'

Wednesday 12 May:
Representations of the 'Fourth Estate' in Galdós, Blasco Ibáñez and Baroja
DR TERESA FUENTES PERIS (University of Leeds)
Images of Filth: The Representation of the Poor in 'Una visita al Cuarto Estado'

Wednesday 19 May:
ERIC SOUTHWORTH (St. Peter's College, University of Oxford)
Love, Art and Religion in the Pérez Galdós of the Early 1890s: The Case of 'Tristana'
DR LISA CONDÉ (University of Swansea)
Is 'Tristana' a Feminist Novel?

The Seminars were organized as part of the work of the Pérez Galdós Editions Project, which gratefully acknowledges the collaboration of the Instituto Cervantes.

The Third Annual Pérez Galdós Lecture on 'Sentimental Genetics: The Birth of the Intimate Human Sphere in Narrative (Miau)' was given by Germán Gullón on Wednesday 5 May 1999.

On 26 January 1999 Rhian Davies gave a paper on 'The Pérez Galdós Editions Project: Creating Electronic Packages of the Torquemada novels' at the Graduate Seminar in Spanish Studies at the University of Oxford.

On Tuesday 19 May 1998 Professor Geoffrey Ribbans (Brown University, USA) gave the Second Annual Pérez Galdós Lecture, entitled 'Slice of Life or Autonomous Creation? Galdós's Novels within the Realist Tradition', at St George's Church, Mappin Street, Sheffield.

On 23 March 1998 Nicholas Round gave a public lecture on 'Las novelas de Torquemada de Benito Pérez Galdós' at the Centro Cultural 'La Beneficencia', Valencia. The following day he and Rhian Davies gave a presentation on the Galdós Editions Project to members of staff of the University of Valencia (in particular those associated with the Max Aub Project). They then flew to Mallorca to give another presentation on the Project at the Universitat de les Illes Balears, Palma.

On 18 March 1998 Rhian Davies gave a paper on 'The Pérez Galdós Editions Project: Creating Electronic Scholarly Editions' at a one-day conference on 'Teaching European Literature and Culture with C&IT (Communication and Information Technologies)' organised by the CTI, Oxford.

On 16-17 January 1998 the Pérez Galdós Editions Project and the André Gide Editions Project (Department of French, University of Sheffield) hosted a two-day international workshop on 'Genetic Criticism: Theory and Practices' at the University of Sheffield.

In June 1997 Geoffrey Ribbans, Nicholas Round and Rhian Davies attended the Sixth 'Congreso Internacional Galdosiano', which, based on the theme 'Galdós y el 98' was held at the Casa de Colón, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. A special slot at the conference was allocated to the Pérez Galdós Editions Project, during which Nicholas Round outlined the history and aims of the Project and Rhian Davies gave a computer demonstration to give the audience an idea of the components of the Project's 'package'.

On 21 April 1997 Roy Hattersley gave the inaugural Pérez Galdós lecture - the first in a series jointly funded by the University of Sheffield and the Spanish Embassy. HE the Spanish Ambassador and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield were among those present and the event attracted an audience of several hundred from this university and others, and from the public at large. The text of the lecture, entitled 'Pérez Galdós: The Illusion of Life Itself', is available in pamphlet form.

In March 1997 Nicholas Round and Rhian Davies flew out to the USA to attend the 'Franco-Hispanic Workshop on Editing Manuscripts' at Brown University, Providence (6-7 March). Rhian Davies collaborated with Geoffrey Ribbans to present a paper on 'The Problems of Editing Critical Editions of Galdós's Novels'.

In December 1996 our four advisors, Yolanda Arencibia, Julian Avila, Francisco Caudet and Carmen Menendez came to Sheffield for a workshop on the Galdós Editions Project and made many invaluable comments. The day ended with a seminar, which was given by Rhian Davies on the composition of Torquemada en la hoguera, and was attended by the advisors and members of the Hispanic Studies Department.

In May 1996 we benefited from the experience of Francisco Caudet of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, who came to Sheffield as our visiting professor in May and spoke to us about editing Fortunata y Jacinta.

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